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Storied Steelers Thirsting for Six Pack of Super Bowls

Steelers Troy Polamalu


After the Pittsburgh Steelers won their fourth Super Bowl title in January 1980, the quest for another championship ring quickly was themed “One for the Thumb in ‘81.” That fifth Super Bowl title eventually came three years ago. What if Pittsburgh gets a record sixth?

“I’ve heard they’ll call it a ‘Sixpack’ or ‘Sixburgh,’ ” defensive end Brett Keisel said after the Steelers arrived Monday for Super Bowl XLIII against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Sixburgh is a play on the Pittsburgh-ese version of the city’s name, as in “Pixburgh.” Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has heard “Six-pack” from fans.”They call it the ‘Six-pack,’ with the IC Light (Iron City Light) beer, whatever it is they want to drink,” Roethlisberger said.

On Steelers fan websites, “One for the Other Hand” is being mentioned. At a Super Bowl rally last weekend in Pittsburgh, Keisel said there was another variation from linebacker James “Potsie” Farrior.

“Potsie said we’re going for ‘One for the Thumb’ again, but the other thumb,” Keisel said.

Jan Maygar, 56, and her husband, Rick Maygar, 55, formerly of Pitcairn, Pa., waited outside the tent where the Steelers did their interviews Monday.

“It’s all for the ‘Six-pack,’ ” the wife said. Rick says something else has yet to be named. Pittsburgh’s defense was the “Steel Curtain” in the 1970s.

“We’re still trying to figure out what to call this defense,” the husband said. “But right now, because we haven’t proved that we’re one of the top defenses of all time, they haven’t named it.”

Five Super Bowl trophies are displayed behind a glass wall at the team training complex in Pittsburgh.

“There is a lot of tradition that comes with being a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers,” linebacker James Harrison said. “You don’t want to be part of a team that doesn’t perform at that level.”

The Cardinals, pursuing their first Super Bowl title, have T-shirts with the slogan “Prove it.”

Super Steelers Defeat Ravens 23-14 to Win AFC Title


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